Open-source SIP server for efficient call routing and signaling.

Kamailio is the most powerful technology that can easily handle a large number of calls per second and is an ideal technology for developing simple to complex systems.

We are trusted by many different companies running kamailio at their telecommunications core, with a team of experienced professionals, you can trust us to build a customized solution to your business needs.

Our experience installing, configuring and customising Kamailio spans back to around 2005.

Having worked in telecoms since 1999, our team of engineers already knew how telecoms worked, the shift to VoIP was on the rise and although some teething issues was still evident, the belief we had it would come good kept us on track. As part of the early adopters, we have witnessed SIP become the pinacle protocol that underpins the world of telecommunications. Allow us to share the extent of our experience with you or your engineering team.

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